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Our firm specializes in Oil and Gas Leasing but lately we have become experts in Seismic Project Management.  We have been very fortunate to have run very large seismic projects in the last three years.  We have gained invaluable experience in both 2D and 3D projects.


In our last 30 years we have been fortunate enough to have been entrusted by exploration firms to run a lot of vibroseis and dynamite projects.  We were involved with the very first heli assisted 3D shoot dynamite shoot in Ontario.  It was a 23,000 acre project with 181 landowners involved.  We settled all 181 damage settlements without incident.  We have run projects just along municipal roads as well as cross country lines.  We have a good working knowledge of who we need to obtain permits from for road crossings and highway shooting which is extremely difficult.


Winter seismic projects are not a problem when the ground is frozen hard.  Summer programs involve a sensitive touch with the landowner as he watches his crops fall under the vehicles.  We have an excellent Western Canadian style professional seismic permit that has been approved by the Seismic companies that we work with.  We provide binders with copies of all permits to the survey crew, the seismic shooting crew and the exploration company prior to the commencement of shaking.


 We provide weekly shape files or PDF's from Autocad that show clearly where we have picked up seismic permits along the proposed path.  We update the exploration company and project manager weekly or daily if required with the progress of the project on a parcel by parcel basis in both map and spreadsheet format.


Our landmen submit detailed written database reports about each and every contact they have with the landowner.  We include this information with our invoices.  At a moments notice we can give you a fully detailed report of the current status of negotiations with each and every landowner.  If you need to know anything about a file we can generate a report  at a moments notice for any work in our system.  We can tell you what is going on in any project at any time.


We have been so fortunate to have been involved in these projects and in all 35 years we have never had a single  landowner take us to any arbitration hearing or court house.  We  have been successful in 100 percent of our damage negotiations on seismic lines.



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Our seismic status maps are envied throughout the industry.




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