We are a full service Land Company for the Oil and Gas Industry.




Our firm  specializes in Oil and Gas Leasing, both exploration and Storage development.  We also have experience in Solar and Wind Power leasing.  We have 35 years of experience in Ontario.  We also have skills in pipeline right of ways, easements, damage settlements, 2D and 3D seismic permitting and title searching with curing.  We are also actively involved in pipeline GPS location and mapping.   On behalf of the pipeline companies we maintain customer relations and database updating.


Our Landmen negotiate land acquisition leases with farm landowners in Huron, Middlesex, Lambton, Kent, Elgin, Oxford  and Essex Counties every day on behalf of oil and gas exploration companies operating in Southwestern Ontario.  That is not our geographical limit, we will go anywhere to lease property.


Leasing is a partnership between three principles, the leasing company, the exploration company and the landowner.  Treat each principle with respect and honesty and your negotiations will proceed in an orderly manner to a successful conclusion.  Give all of the information necessary to all parties in the negotiation to allow everyone to make an educated decision.    The skill is to provide each side with a feeling that they are happy with the negotiations, to negotiate an equitable solution.  We are extremely good at maintaining good relationships with our landowners while achieving the aims of the exploration company.  This is a win win situation.


We are careful to provide our clients with accurate documents.  Our office prepares all documents in our office with information from the Land Titles  documents.  The completed documents are checked by our Lease Administrator prior to presentation to the landowner for signing.  This helps prevent errors in the field.


Our landmen submit detailed written database reports about each and every contact they have with the landowner.  We include this information with our invoices.  At a moments notice we can give you a fully detailed report of the current status of negotiations with each and every landowner.  If you need to know anything about a file we can generate a report  at a moments notice for any work in our system.  We can tell you what is going on in any project at any time.


Our clients appreciate reading in our invoices exactly what we have accomplished on their behalf in the field.  We detail every contact on every day in our support documentation attached to the invoice.  Our clients are completely aware of how they are spending their money.  Our charges are fair, low by industry standards, because we keep our overhead down.  We have 35 years of leasing experience yet we have always charged less than our competitors and our clients keep coming back project after project.


Leasing land has been our life's work and it has been our privilege to serve the oil, gas, and pipeline  industry for over 30 years.  Large projects are not a concern.  At one time in the late nineties we acquired over 250,000 acres in one year.  We can gear up for large projects such as our 23,000 acre 3D seismic program or we can assign small projects.  All projects are given the same amount of attention to detail.  We appreciate all work.



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35 Years Experience in Leasing


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