We are a full service Land Company for the Oil and Gas Industry.




Drilling a well is a many faceted project.  We handle it all for you, all but the drilling!  The exploration company picks the location and completes their application to the Ministry of Natural Resources and we do the rest.  We have set up many well sites.


Once a location is picked for drilling we conduct title searches and map the area to prove absolute ownership.  We pass the title searches onto legal for curing the title.  Our lawyer and title searcher have over 60 years of experience in this type of searching and curing.


We then obtain an agreement with the landowner called a Wellsite Access Permit which details all the terms of agreement including well pad size, roadway locations, location of drainage tiles and type and value of crops for compensation purposes.


We arrange for a surveyor to map out the proposed location so that the landowner and the exploration company are absolutely clear as to their area of operations.  The map is also included with the application to the ministry.


If the well is successful we have a number of decisions that must be negotiated between the landowner and the exploration company.  It is so important that a good rapore is established by the agent up front so that future negotiations can be conducted with respect for each stakeholders position.  This is where a good landman's effect is obvious.  If the landman has done a good job up to this point, lived up to his word and has been honest and fair with the landowner then pipeline, meter site locations etc. can be easily concluded.


We manage all facets of the program right down to settling the final damages and registering all documents and in some cases hand delivering the first royalty check to the slightly richer landowners.


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Good landowner relationships are important to keep costs down for the exploration company.



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